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Perfect binding

Perfect binding: This method, where pages are milled at the spine and glued to its cover, is the most common paperback book.

OPENBAK Eurobind

Our OpenBAK™ Eurobind books feature the clean look of perfect binding with stay-open capabilities. This is an ideal option for computer manuals, textbooks, directories, music books, cookbooks … any book you want to stay open … at work or school, by the computer or on a park bench.

Because we use polyurethane adhesives, the spines are very flexible and strong enough to keep your book intact. Take the flex test: fold an OpenBAK™ book front to back, making a circle. It won’t come apart.

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OPENBAK™ is a trademark of Whitehall Printing Company.


  • Loose leaf


  • 50# or 60# white paper
  • 60# natural paper
  • 48 to 1024 pages
  • One to two color text pages
  • Color inserts available


  • 10 or 12 point cover stock, C1S
  • 10 point cover stock, C2S
  • 65# smooth uncoated stock
  • Lamination with GBC Lay Flat Film
  • Full color options available



  • 250 to 50,000 copies



  • Barcode creation for ISBN and UPC codes
  • Inserts: preprinted materials, disks and CD's
  • Fulfillment
  • Three-hole drilling
  • Perforation
  • Shrink wrapping